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elbow knee pad sewing machine


As giant of china industrial sewing machine, the new and unique model 36800 hit the market .
It is very popular in USA,Canada,Mexico,Australia ,Russia,France, UK,Thailand,Pakistan,India etc.
It is the one you are looking for sewing neoprene!

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Model Number


Sewing form

Four needles six threads sewing machine


Medium~ high thickness: jeans, labor jacket, uniform

Max sewing speed


Tape feeder


Needle gauge


Stitch length

2.1mm~3.6mm(standard 3.2mm)

Needle/standard sewing


Needle bar area


Stitch conductor


Tape width


Presser foot lift

Max 9mm(6.5mm for factory)

Top feed roller width


Feed adjustment method

Main feed: Slide-type stitch -length adjusting method  

Differential feed: lever adjustment method    

Lubricating method

Automatic rotary pump oil

Machine oil

Juki machine oil NO.18

Installation method

Aid drive assembly  MT103 mounted on the machine


1.Compared with others,it has a tape feeder additionally ,a wider reinforcing tape can be sewn together 
with seaming, so it is unique, you couldn't  find another same functional sewing machine from other

2.It is especially specialized in sewing neoprene and max thickness is up to 9mm.

Sewing video

3. Taiwan Shokei direct drive servo motor.

Sewing Sample


This unique sewing machine is specialized in sewing diving suits,protective gear,fitness vest ,ski clothes,

climbing suits,cyclingwear and other sportswear etc

About us

Qinme was founded on the principle of providing the highest quality  industrial sewing machines and spare 

parts for the different type and thickness industries at the most affordable prices.  We pride ourselves in 

our ability to provide expert customer service and guidance for our customers all over the world.  

You are welcome to visit our plant at anytime.


Don't be worried about the packing, your goods are always in safety cituation.


 We took part in Shanghai CISMA, we get many friends, oversea or domestic

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2.Model 35800

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side seaming,hemmed seaming etc of Cowboy/Denim/Jeans.

Especially it works very well on 16 layers of crotch while others can't finish at all.


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