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Single Trimmer Industrial Sewing Machine For Garments Factory


Model Number: QM6200-01MR

1. It has 4 needle 6 thread,can sewing exquisitely and artisticly. 
2. With single cutting knife attached on machine,leftover materials can be cutted quickly and make edges neatly. 
3. Its powerful,durability,precisely,and affordability.
4. Industrial sewing machines have been manufacturing for 23 years as our featured products.

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Model Number



High speed feed-off-the-arm machine for flat seaming(oil-free)



Circumference of Cylinder

148mm at needle drop

Working space

Cylindrical shape of 210mm in front of needle drop


23kg(machine head only)

Stitch Type

ISO 406, 605, 608

Sewing Speed

Up to 3800rmp, 3000rmp in usual

Stitch Length

1.6-2.5mm The number of stitches 10-16 stitches per inch(25.4mm) 12-19 stitches per 30mm

Needle System

Sewing needle:OrganFLx 118GCS,, Groz-Beckert UY118GKS

Retainer needle: Organ FLG-1, FLF-8(with scarf)

Groz-Becket 36211.36211A(with scarf)

Needle Distance

R:5.2mm(13/64inches) S: 6.0mm(15/64 inches)

Pressure Foot Lift

01 03 15:Max.8mm, 03 07,12: Max. 6mm at the highest point of needle clamp

Feed Regulation

By lever

Differential Ratio

Max. normal differential:1.0:1.5

Max. reverse differential: 1.0:0.7

Differential Feed regulation

By dial

Knives of Fabric Cutting

Both upper and lower knives made of special steel


Automatically by gear pump

Lubrication oil


Capacity of Oil reservoir

Frame: about 100c  Cylinder: about 100cc

Compliance with Regulation

Compliant with the PL Law and the CE Marketing

It is highly specialized in sewing sportswear,underwear,kidswear,babywear,yoga suits,veil etc

We took part in Shanghai CISMA, we get many friends, oversea or domestic via industrial sewing machine.

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