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Top Indian Brands For Sewing Machines,juki Janome Brother Singer
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Indian Brands For Sewing Machines,juki Janome Brother Singer yamato union special


Sewing machines is used in the textiles. It is used in order to make a stich in the fabric. It uses thread as a medium to sew two materials together. It was invented more than 350 years ago, but it still finds its application in the textile industry. In India, sewing machines is used to a great extent by the Indian housewives at home as well as the laborers in the textile industries, tailors etc. Sewing machine being very handy can operate at a great speed and there is an improvement in the time taken for stitching the fabric. The sewing machine has been successfully being able to improve the efficiency and the productivity on a large scale and that too very vastly. The various types of sewing machines are almost all similar. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various sewing machines that are used in Indian homes.

Qinme industrial sewing machine

Established in 1993, Shenzhen qianmei sewing equipment co.,ltd, We focus on researching and manufacturing sewing machines beginning with parts machining to complete machines under strict standard. Today, we have series 6200,35800,36800 to meet the demands of our clients globally… visit  for more details.  Or contact us in any of questions,

industrial sewing machine indian

Singer Corp.

Singer Corp. is a leading manufacturer of the sewing machines in the Indian market as well as the market which is offered on a worldwide scale. It was established in the year 1851. The founder of the company was Isaac Merrit Singer. It was previous called as the Singer Manufacturing Company before it was renamed as Singer Corp. after being incorporated. Then it gradually became big owing to its expansion policies and it was renamed as the Singer Company. It has its headquarters in the United States of America. The first large factory that was established by this company was at the New Jersey city of the United States. The parent company of the Singer Corp is the SVP worldwide.

The company has been producing its varieties of sewing machines since its establishment in the year 1851 i.e. more than 150 years ago. It first produced a sewing machine called as the vibrating shuttle and it was viewed upon as an improvement to the oscillatory shuttle designs. There were around 11000 factory workers in Singer Manufacturing Company itself since its establishment in the year 1851.

The Singer Corp. sewing machines cater India抯 textile market to a great extent. It has a great market capitalization in the Indian homes as well as industries. The home sewing machines are either sold as the electric ones or the traditional mechanical ones. The electric sewing machines are operated with a paddle which serves as a switch to rotate the motors of the wheels of the sewing machines based on the electric power supply. The sewing machines that are produced by the Singer brand in India are considered as the most trusted ones in the name of the stitching activities that are conducted by the various home makers. Singer machines are available in various stores (retail) across India as well as almost all the shopping malls in India which has stores for selling sewing machines on retail basis.

The sales figures of the Singer Corp. in the sewing machines in India is experiencing growth exponentially at least in the Indian home market since a lot of home makers are learning the art of sewing and they want to be equipped with the sewing machines to conduct those activities.


It is the brand name in the sewing machine company of the company named as the Fritz Gegauf AG Company and its headquarters are located in Steckborn suburb of the Switzerland. It is the company that made an invention in the hemstitch sewing company in the 19th century. The sewing machines that are manufactured by the Bernina sewing machine company till this date are able to do some quality and stitching in the sewing, embroidering, overlocking as well as the quilting. The Indian homes, which have requirements to do all these activities go for the Bernina sewing machines since only that is capable of doing these skilled works with the textiles.

Viking sewing machines (VSM)

The VSM group is a sewing machine company that is based in the Huskvarna suburb of the Sweden that is one of the leading manufacturers of the sewing machines for the Indian market. The company has made its recognition in making the sewing machines that are smart. The brand names of sewing machines of these companies are the Husqvarna and the Pfaff. The VSM group is well known for producing the designer sewing machines in Indian market. VSM and the Singer group have a merger under the name called as SVP Worldwide.


It is a Japanese company that is one of the leading sellers of sewing machines in Indian home market. It has manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand and India imports from Taiwan to sell to the Indian home makers. The Janome trademark was established in 1935 and Janome Co. in 1954.

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