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heavy duty sewing machine for canvas
Label :heavy duty sewing machine for canvas        Date : 2015-11-04        Views : 1260 Time

heavy duty sewing machine for canvas

To go over the details of the above video. Walking foot industrial strength sewing machines will help you sew thicker fabrics because:

1)      You can use larger needles- up to 22 or 23

2)      There are “grips” on the walking foot and feed dogs, which help pull the heavy fabric through the sewing process

3)      You can use nylon thread and thicker weighted thread in general- giving the stitching in your final project much better strength and life duration

4)      More power- more RPM’s and torque equals better results when sewing heavy fabric

5)      More durability- all metal parts and cast iron construction will give you a machine that lasts much longer than plastic parts and construction

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