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Top Sewing Machines
Label :Top Sewing Machines - Updated October 2015        Date : 2015-10-08        Views : 1307 Time
Top Sewing Machines - Updated October 2015
Our extensive analysis of the top sewing machines and our pick for your best bet.

Qinme sewing machines

Successful sewing requires only two basic stitches: straight and zigzag. In fact, you can do almost anything with these two stitches alone. However, many modern sewing machines offer a multitude of creative stitching choices. We tell you the number of stitches each machine offers so you can make an educated purchasing decision.
Ease of Use
Machines that are easy to use help you sew more efficiently. How long does it take to change the needle and pressure foot? Does the machine come with an automatic needle threader? How large is the motor? Is it easy to thread/wind the bobbin? We provide ease-of-use details for each machine on our shortlist to help you make the right choice.
Knowing what you plan to sew, and how frequently you will sew, can help you determine what sewing machine features are most important to you. Machines with buttonhole, zipper, and blind hem feet simplify most clothing projects. A choice of feet widths is especially useful for beginners. We tell you what features you can expect from each product on our shortlist.

The cost of a sewing machine is influenced by its type (mechanical vs. computerized). Computerized sewing machines tend to cost more; mechanical machines, because they require less maintenance and servicing over time, tend to cost less. The number of features and attachments a machine offers can also drive its price up or down.

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