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Quality Industrial Sewing Machines USA
Label :Quality Industrial Sewing Machines USA        Date : 2015-08-17        Views : 2762 Time

USA businesses, if you're in the market for an industrial sewing machine, explore all the top brands with The Sewing Group! We are in the heart of Miami and expanding throughout USA! We feature sewing machines that are able to handle volume of sewing jobs, stitches, and match just about any niche market. That’s right! We have sewing machines for just about any clothing, garment, or inter-changeable parts.

The Sewing Group focuses on quality machines, but we mostly care about making sure we get our customers the right machine based on current and growing customer bases demand. Below explore some of the machines we have to offer!

Industrial Sewing Machine USA, Top Brands

As an international and global manufacture/distributor, The Sewing Group offers a good array of brands. Our brand industrial sewing machines are not just the same type of sewing machines! For example, Pegasus industrial sewing machine manufacturer specializes only in making durable sewing machines that stitch stretchy fabrics/garments such as swimsuits and lingerie. Then we have Juki, which makes an all around standard sewing machine you can make an array of fabric pieces with. These machines break down into different type of stitches and achieve different quality goals.

Our Brand Industrial Sewing Machines


World's standard on double stitching, Kansai, industrial sewing machines are great for making just about anything, from pants to underwear, t-shirts, and blouses. The great thing about these machines is the tensioning system and how the thread is stocked, so that you don’t experience underside thread tangling. This company is serious about industrial ready sewing machines


Juki offers an extensive line of sewing machines. From lock stitching, to overlock, coverstitch, and automated sewing machines, you can expect the highest quality and durable sewing machine. Juki specializes in heavy duty sewing market and machines. They are popular in automobile, upholstery, marine, industrial fabrics, footwear, leather products, and home textiles.


Jack industrial sewing machine manufacturing group makes some really heavy duty sewing machines. From their big, rugged design, these are made to sew and avoid all issues with needles breaking, thread tension, and many other nuisance issues. They are also a great bargain!


Pegasus industrial sewing machines are built to sew stretchy fabrics such as underwear, sportswear, and other similar garments. Pegasus has been around for nearly 100 years and has vast experience making heavy duty sewing machines. If you're in the swimwear and lingerie business, then you’ll want to explore more of this brand.

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Miami business owners! You’ve seen all the reasons why you should consider The Sewing Group as your #1 source and supply for durable, reliable, and quality producing sewing machine. Contact us today and we’ll get you bootstrap and producing in no time! Call us today!

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