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How To Choose Jeans Industrial Sewing Machine
Label :Cowboy Denim Jeans Sewing Machine        Date : 2016-05-13        Views : 6485 Time

Denim is regarded as timeless fashion.

In recent years,the growing appreciation of premium jeans result in a high demand for sewing machines historically 
associated with the production.

No matter small-scale independent jeans makers or the more established manufacturers, all they keen on iconic machines.

Superior jeans sewing machines are with powerful motors that can drive the needle through several layers of the fabric.

Basic on it,mainly manufactures choose industrial sewing machine Union Special 35800,Juki MS-3580 or QinMe35800 as their partner.They are specialized in crotch seaming, side seaming,hemmed seaming etc of Jeans.
Especially they works very well even on 16 layers of crotch while others can't finish at all.

The kind of denim sewing you intend to do will be a major influencing factor when looking for the right machine.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when working with denim is that the fabric immediately bulks up when it is folded. This makes it especially difficult for regular machines to handle.The more layers of denim you need to sew through, the heavier the machine you are going to need.

If you are thinking heavy-duty coveralls or large volumes of denim craft projects, it may be a better idea to skip the 
household machines altogether and go straight into commercial or industrial machines that are designed to handle heavy, 
repetitive work.

Some of the best sewing machines for denim are those that have a leveling button on the general purpose foot. Considering its tiny size, this little button packs a mighty denim punch. When pushed, it lifts the tip of the foot and allows it to glide over the bumpy areas more easily. It even allows the machine to go over the multi-layer side seam that is usually the biggest problem area when hemming jeans.

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