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Industrial sewing machine parts,juki Janome Brother Singer,yamato
Label :Industrial sewing machine parts,juki Janome Brother Singer        Date : 2016-01-19        Views : 2364 Time

sewing machine parts 

  • Quantity:1 set (32pcs)
  • Very popular and different presser feet for most of household multi-functional sewing machines with a low shank, such as Singer,Baby Lock, Brother, Janome, etc..
  • 100% brand new and high quality

Product Description

Package Quantity: 1 | Style Name: Stainless steel color

1x Fringe Foot - a good tool for creating 3D decoration, stereoscopic flower and tassel effect. 
1x Cording Foot 
1x Braiding Foot 
1x Pearl Piping Cording Foot 
1x 9 Grooves Pintuck Foot 
1x 7 Grove Pintuck Foot 
1x Concealed ZIP Foot 
1x 5 Hole Cording Foot 
1x 6mm Round Rolled Hem Foot - a good tool for handling those failed overlock and creating perfect rolled hem. 
1x Teflon Snap on foot 
1x Open Toe Embroidery Foot 
1x Open Toe Foot 
1x Cording Foot 
1x Snap on 1/4" Metal Patchwork Quilting Foot 
1x Straight Stitch Foot 
1x 1/4 Piecing Foot Guide 
1x Edge Stitch Foot 
1x Satin Stitch Foot - a good tool for dense stitch and applique sewing. 
1x 7 Hole Cording Foot 
1x Patchwork Edge Joining Stitch Foot 
1x Guide Stitch Foot 
1x Blind Hem Foot 
1x Gathering / Welting Foot - a good tool for flouncing and ruffling sewing (only suitable for thin fabric). 
1x 3mm Rolled Hem Foot 
1x 6mm Rolled Hem Foot 
1x 3mm Round Rolled Hem Foot 
1x Roller Foot 
1x Embroidery Darning Foot - a good tool for sewing embroidery and darning on heavy fabric. 
1x Adjustable Bias Binder Foot -The adjustable range of the adjustable bias binder foot is from 5mm to 20mm. 
1x Quilting Darning Embroidery Foot 
1x Adjustable Zip Foot 
1x Knit Foot 
Package Included: 
1 X Set of Domestic Sewing Machine Presser Feet (32Pcs)
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